Welcome to Autoplex Auto Service

Since 1988, we at Autoplex Auto Service have worked hard to make sure that our customers, and their vehicles are well taken care of. Our approach to auto repair is one of building a relationship of trust with our customers. We understand that in order to earn your business, we must prove ourselves trustworthy.

Because we are an independent company, we can make sure that we direct our full attention to every one of our customers. Over the years, our independent status has taught us that we work for our customers directly. Making sure that our customers are satisfied, and their vehicles remain reliable is our number one priority.

Our technicians are certified, highly trained professionals that never cut corners. For our technicians, ASE certification is what sets them apart from run-of-the-mill mechanics. Many years of training and consistent testing ensures that they are current with the latest techniques and technology required in today’s auto industry. Our staff understands that or customers rely on their vehicles in their daily lives, and any investment that you make in your vehicle is one you expect to last.

Many auto repair shops take the route of addressing the side effects of vehicle issues; we take the approach of attacking the root of the problem so you can continue your life without car troubles. This approach has satisfied our customers, and kept us in business for over 26 years.  Let us show you the difference that true professionalism and expertise makes in your experience. More importantly, find out what it means to have an honest mechanic looking after your vehicle.

We invite you to contact us through this website, by phone or even by walking in. Our staff will make sure that your needs and expectations are met. Even if you don’t need something done immediately, or you have a question that only a certified, professional technician can answer, our team will make you feel welcome. 

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